26 February 2007

Bad Egg

This is the cover to Bad Egg issue #4. The issue #5 cover is a full colour affair.

I just got home from a tedious day of work, half hoping The Ex CD I ordered would be awaiting me in my post box, however I was unexpectedly surprised by this little gem of a zine. I've traded zines with Ash from Bad Egg in the past but I wasn't expecting this issue to come my way as publication of the next issue of FW is still a fair way off. Bad Egg #5 is a great little DIY publication documenting skateboarding in Denver, Colorado. Since I'm on a 'natural' skate spot kick of recent, I was pleased to see that this issue mostly features real backyard pools that Ash and her crew found and drained the previous summer. The photos are clear, the layout is done well, its printed on unusual paper that I dig and it has a colour cover. I'm definitely inspired to put a bit more effort into finding abandoned houses and empty pools to skate this upcoming 'season.' The icing on the cake is documentation of a bowl Ash and her husband Tim built last year. Sounds like the dug out an egg shaped bowl in their garage and laid some concrete all by hand. Looks just up my alley.

So, you could spend $4 on a copy of TransTimeWarnerWorldAdHeavySkateboardingMagazine
or you could send Ash $3 and get a taste of what it is like to create your own scene.
Click and Destroy.

Ash, you can expect a copy of FW#2 in your postbox (sometime, eventually, maybe...)