09 September 2014

Kill Your Pet Puppy

I've had fascination with British counter-culture of the late 70s/ early 80s ever since I left Bahrain and returned to Wales in 1993. This was probably because I was so far removed from it all and needed to understand it if I was to understand what I was throwing myself into at the time. Anyway, this is the best blog that I've found documenting that era and has a shit-tonne of great music from obscure anarcho-punk to dub. Historically, it was an actual fanzine that ran from 1979 to 1983. Click away and you can spend hours digging deep into the underbelly of Thatcher's Britain and beyond.

Kill Your Pet Puppy

05 September 2014

Penny Rimbaud on Skateboarding

Ammon Deep in the SW hills

So is the spirit of rebellion alive and well?

“Of course. It’s more powerful than ever,” insists Penny. “There will always be those that say, ‘No, I’m not going to stand for this shit’… I’ve always loved skateboarders for that. They’ve turned the urban landscape into a playground; it’s become their mountain, or beach. And that undermines authority in a way that no amount of political rhetoric will, or can, undermine it… Everyone can do that sort of slipping the system. That’s where it starts. And it should be a game.”

Penny Rimbaud Huck Magazine

03 September 2014

The End Of Art

The end of art is a long comfortable silence,
with a perfect view
and no unreasonable desire
to grasp the surroundings
or freeze the moment.
The end of art
is a return
to timelessness
and absolute reconnection.

The end of art is currently




22 August 2014

Langland Bay

Some remnants of Bertha serving up a little storm surf at Langland.