24 January 2015

Back Slatky Smith

Chris Slatky backsmithing outside his bedroom. Build your own paradise.

20 January 2015

Democracy in Bahrain, Hung Out to Dry Again...

A good article from Vice news on the recent sentencing of Nabeel Rajab in the context of free speech and the Charlie Hedbo affair. Obviously, Bahrain is not the only authoritarian regime who participated in Charlie Hedbo solidarity hypocrisy but I tend to focus on it as I lived there and understand that British Expats are complicit in the status quo by their very presence on the island, not to mention the UK's continual support for the Al_Khalifas. 

14 January 2015

The Daily Duty: World Leaders Take a Shit

With all the recent talk of free speech and free expression, perhaps its only right and fair that we move the focus to include other figureheads beyond that of the Prophet Mohammed. With that, please take some time to appreciate these 'world leaders' going about their daily business. Art by Chritsina Guggeri.

As once astute commentator noted, for once the shit is coming out the right holes.

13 January 2015

I Am Monty

All belief systems need a good satirical rogering now and again, especially the ones that insist on repressing women or sexual minorities or other points of view. i.e. all of them. Or the ones who have had horrible atrocities justified under their banner. i.e. all of them. Or the ones that encourage unhealthy/anti-social behaviour by suppressing basic human desires i.e. all of them.

07 January 2015

Repose En Paix Free Speech

 "Hate is greater than love"

I don't want to offend anyone for the sake of offense. Muslim, Christian, Atheist, Marxist, Unicornist, you are welcome to your fairytales. I have my own fairytales. But today, all belief systems and all 'isms' should be subject to ridicule and satire in commemoration of those who pushed the limits of free speech and free expression and paid for it so dearly.

Free Speech. Free Expression. Both terms that get thrown around lightly by so-called Western democracies that are only useful when being tested and pushed to the limits yet this does not happen nearly often enough. Some will indeed be offended for offense inevitably has to be a part of it. At this juncture in the ugly history of civilization these ideals that supposedly play such key roles in any 'free society'  need to be thoroughly excersized. There is no limit. There are no taboos. 

Of course, this is not to give license to bigots and right-wing reactionaries, for they deserve a good satirical rogering as much as the apparent Islamic extremists who slaughtered the cartoonists and journalists at Charlie Hebdo. It all needs ridicule and if your faith can't handle it, what kind of faith is it in the first place?

Fuck You.

04 January 2015

Taken from The Terrible Rain: The War Poets 1939-45 by way of Fuck Yeah Existentialism  

27 December 2014

Winter Sanity Update

Trying to stay sane with The Upsetters, Black Monolith, Rocket Coffee and low impact street skateboarding. Reading Stephen King for the first time in about twenty years (don't ask) and hammering out my own version of 'The Body.'

Thanks to the daughter for the stills.

20 December 2014

16 December 2014

No Light At The End Of The Tunnel

I Pulled into one of these the other day and never really came out. I am still stuck in a close-out tube with a sore throat and feverish dreams about writing for 'The Wire' and strange family members trying to baptize me in my sleep.

13 December 2014


If you have not read George Monibot's "Feral" yet. This BBC feature is a great (and very eye-pleasing) summary of his thesis:


"Civilization is boring. It has many virtues, but it leaves large parts of our minds unstimulated. It uses just a fraction of our mental and physical capacities. To know what comes next has been perhaps the dominant aim of materially-complex societies. Yet, having achieved it, or almost achieved it, we have been rewarded with a new collection of unmet needs. Many of us, I believe, need something that our planned and ordered lives don’t offer."