29 March 2015

The Ex and Fendika

You can listen to the B-side of this 7" here. Out on Record Store Day (18th April). Simply fantastic.

23 March 2015

Fire Recovery Fund

AK Press and 1984 Printing have started Fire Recovery Funds after a fire tore through their building on the weekend. 1984 did an amazing job printing the sound issue of Foulweather. Throw them some support if you are so inclined.

Fire Relief.

If you make a donation, let me know and I will send you a free zine.

News story.

22 March 2015

"I pledge to sing 1,000 more songs 
In confusion I shall serve."

-Dan Higgs

08 March 2015

27 February 2015

White Kid and the Extreme Muslims

Here's my band. White Kid and the Extreme Muslims. Our album 'Cellblocks and Middle Fingers' came out in 1989.

24 January 2015

Back Slatky Smith

Chris Slatky backsmithing outside his bedroom. Build your own paradise.

20 January 2015

Democracy in Bahrain, Hung Out to Dry Again...

A good article from Vice news on the recent sentencing of Nabeel Rajab in the context of free speech and the Charlie Hedbo affair. Obviously, Bahrain is not the only authoritarian regime who participated in Charlie Hedbo solidarity hypocrisy but I tend to focus on it as I lived there and understand that British Expats are complicit in the status quo by their very presence on the island, not to mention the UK's continual support for the Al_Khalifas.