05 April 2007

Maui, Hawai'i Part II

"...And what about Hawaii, the inspiration for much of what today is considered surfing? Caught in the middle of the Pacific between the Manifest Destiny forces of Rassenkampfreinheitsgebot and the economic impetus of the co-prosperity sphere, the iwi na kupuna had no way out. This sophisticated society was expunged in its native state of grace before it had a chance to explain itself. So what we see today is... surfing as profiled by the popular history of the sport. Surfing as Miss America posing proudly with her Swastika surfboard. Surfing as mega-million dollar industry. Surfing, the global marketing phenomenon. Surfing, the professional sport. Surfboards, the artifacts printed on Donald Duck's aloha shirt when he greets you in Disney's California Adventure."

-Craig Stecyk in the Introduction to Surf Culture: The Art History Of Surfing.