28 May 2007

The Intangible Line

Photo of Sean Young bombing Jones Street in San Francisco by Gabe Morford, from Slap Magazine .

But do you remember that photo of Sean Young bombing down Jones Street in San Francisco in the rain? The beginner or the casual skater probably wouldn’t, it’s just a photo of some guy standing on his board, after all. So why is that photo up on the wall more than almost anything else in serious skate houses? Why are Sean Young stories the stuff of lore? Because it’s only the people who have been skating their whole lives who know how ridiculous it is to bomb a steep, traffic-filled, cracked cement hill in the rain. It doesn’t translate to video or photos the same way the 20 stair does. - Ocean Howell on the above photo.

New Wend Magazine is out. I have a short piece on the resurgence of downhill skateboarding in it. Lots of other good stuff in it also, including a great piece on alleycat bike racing. Now go out and attack the streets.