14 May 2007


I don't know anything about this photograph. I stumbled upon it as I was killing time at work, while moaning about how numb I feel about my job and how wrecked my back feels from skateboarding. Occasionally I wonder when it became so easy for me not to give a shit. To be consumed by so many convenient distractions. Then I came across this photo. As a dad I can't emotionally distance myself from the dead child's feet. I don't know if this photograph has been used as a propaganda tool to demonstrate the compassion of the US military in Iraq or whether that soldier is having a serious emotional breakdown. That is not the issue to me. The issue is how we all, can just go through the motions, day in day out, while this shit is going on and not have our own emotional breakdowns. I really don't know what is stopping me from screaming and picking up this monitor that lies in front of me, and throwing it out of my office window. My hands are tingling and my head is pulsating, just waiting for me to snap out of this coma, and make my rage physical.