20 June 2007


My wife has been encouraging me too see an acupuncturist for years and I have always been a skeptic. Not just of alternative healing methods but of conventional western medicine also. I have tended to let my body and mind heal themselves usually by denying the problem or just pushing ahead and through it until it has gone.

Anyway, severe back pain finally got me on an acupuncturist's table a few times over the last month and I can't really described the relief. I'm not sure how or why it works but it did. Maybe because I wanted it to.

Each time, I try and absorb a bit more of what the acupuncturist is telling me about the five elements and how they influence one's physical, emotional and mental well being. It is slowly starting to make more sense and at the risk of sounding a bit new age, I have never felt the connection between mind and body so clearly before.

She has also prescribed me lots of surfing. Can't question that...