24 August 2007

Issue #2 Update

Here I am at city hall displaying some of my crap as well as other people's at City Hall during City Commissioner Sam Adams' Skate Art show... This guy really wants to be mayor, if he's willing to let hundreds of filthy skateboarders in for the night. I wonder if I still would have been welcome if he or any of his assistants had actually read my stuff... Apparently they are planning some form of zine night in November. I'll see if I can sneak back in. Thanks to Josh for the photo.

Issue #2 of Foulweather is almost complete. Just waiting for some art and I have to finish up one story. A bit more editing, layout and then off to the printers at the end of September, I hope... At the moment I am planning on a colour cover... We'll see if its worth going into debt for... but at the rate I'm putting out zines, I may as well make them worthwhile... There will be a lot more art and photography in this issue, something I think was lacking in FW #1.

Currently this content list looks like this:

Diamond Mining With Dora, a demented socio-political history of the beach as a symbol of liberation. From Victorian Britain to Dora's Malibu to Japan's Seagaia with various diversions a long the way.
Foulweather On The Beach, an ugly memoir as told from various filthy beaches around the world.
Beach 90th by Justin Hocking, an autobiographical account of learning to surf in New York and Oregon while battling personal demons, seeking enlightenment and trying to make sense of the turn of the century.
They Turned Their Backs To The Sea by Ricardo Salcedo , an account of culture clash in Jamaica and disillusionment with the peace corps. Body surfing, voodoo and dope smoking, a plenty.
Directions To The Beach from Johnny Rad. Forget Leonardo Di Caprio, Johnny can take you to paradise but there's always a price.

Illustrations, Art and Photography by Frank 'Patch' Cubillos, Rick Albano, Jason Powers, Dennis Dread and Jeff Petersen.

Oh yeah, this issue will have a special secret surprise pull-out poster that will be worth the cover price alone!