25 October 2007

baby steps

Baby Steps by Alison

We are finally going to start the layout to foulweather #2! I was starting to wonder if I should bother, given the amount of effort and $s its going to cost and was quickly loosing enthusiasm for the project. But then I considered the following:

-Several people gave me art, photos and words that they have put a lot of effort into.
-As my sixth zine this will certainly be my most cohesive issue to date.
-The last zine opened up a few doors for me and its high time I made an effort to keep the momentum going.
-I keep getting little signals that its a worthwhile project and topical subject matter. Such as the discovery of Andy Hughes' photography and stumbling upon books such as The Beach: A History of Paradise on Earth.

Over the next few weeks I may post a few teaser extracts and such for the hell of it. Stay tuned and thanks for your patience.