11 November 2007

Give up

Wayne Lynch not sure where or who shot this...

Andrew Kidman: Is there anything you think surfers can do to help the environment?

Wayne Lynch: Give up, Ha!

From Andrew Kidman's new book Ether. Kidman presented a refreshing and largely noncommercial documentation of surfing when it needed it most. However, as Lynchy jokes, its pretty hard to tread lightly when you are surfer. This book appears to compile some of the best moments of his films and magazine articles. Should be a keeper but so it should be at just under $190. Check out 12 pages of the book, here.

If you must insist on surfing, then check out Phroseia for some ideas on how to be a little bit less toxic about it but never be under any illusion you are helping the planet with this selfish indulgence or by making books (and zines ha ha) about it...