16 December 2007

For Summer has o'erbrimmed their clammy cells.

As the winter solstice approaches, I thought I'd round up some images from Autumn. Autumn is my favourite season both here in the Pacific Northwest and back home in Wales. The kids are back in school, workers back in work, everything quietens down a little, the surf begins to pump, the weather can still be agreeable (sometimes even better) and decay sets in, ensuring the eventual fertilization of new life.


Sometimes you only have to walk a few hundred yards into the sticks to get a sense of how things should be.

I can never take enough tree photos.

How many photos of this rock do we need? It was a beautiful evening of family, Belgian beer, dune running and surf anticipation.

Cape Foulweather. One of the first places I ever visited in Oregon and 'Where the history of Oregon began.' Funnily enough, every time I go there the weather is stunning. I have a collection of Cape Foulweather 'pennies.' 

The 'cleanse and purge' Autumn surf trip is becoming an annual affair. This year we rolled deep... in a Hearse... Don't even ask about petrol mileage... Mike's sanity relies on these trips.

More public spaces in Portland are becoming sanctioned sites for legitimized shred sledding. The kids are stoked and fat old men's lives become easier while seeking the thrill. Fitz rocking a Frontside Rock and Roll on another amazing Autumn afternoon.