10 January 2008

As long as it makes you happy

Terrible weather, no surf for weeks, everyone is running to the mountains to play in the snow, we run into the sewer like rats. Clackamas car park island hop... while pretending I'm pulling into a tube in the Maldives or somewhere. Photo by Egbert from Merde Skateboards.

So I went to a new acupuncturist the other day. We did the usual talk about lifestyle, diet, occupation, health history and so on. Now I neglected seeing any health care practitioners for a long time until I became a dad but since then I've been making more of an effort to take care of myself, particularly with preventative and alternative health care. But every time I see an acupuncturist, chiropractor or naturopath, the inevitable question arises

"So you still skateboard?"

"Ah, yeah."

And I get the same response, "Wow every time I see skateboarding, I just think to myself how incredibly harsh it must be on your body."

"hmmm mmmm."

"But as long as it makes you happy. Now, you said you have some aches and pains in your knees and back, right?"