22 April 2008

Have you ever...

- Victor Lebow

...wanted to blame one group or one person for the mess this planet is in. It is near impossible. Perhaps you could blame Adam and Eve for forcing us out of paradise. Or Pre-historic man for discovering fire. Or the first farmers for settling and surrendering our Gatherer-Hunter existence. Druids and priests for establishing hierarchy and removing us one step from actual existence into the symbolic. Perhaps it is easier to blame systems. Mercantilism, Imperialism, Colonialism, Capitalism, Communism.


The above quote is not a sarcastic take on 21st century consumerism. It is a genuine proposal, made in the 1950s, on how to strengthen post-war Capitalist economies by a 'Retail Analyst' by the name of Victor Lebow. Lebow probably had little foresight into how much we would embrace his ideas and how destructive they would be in real terms. But if he did, well, he's probably burning in hell right now...

Check this 20 minute film for more and then try not to take a hammer to the machines:

Story Of Stuff