28 April 2008

Now Available: Foulweather Issue #2

The Beach is the ultimate borderland or no-man's land. It is the boundary between land and sea, solid and liquid, man and nature, civilization and the wild, reality and fantasy, inhibition and liberation. Moral, cultural, political and personal battles are fought on this front-line.

Foulweather #2 features the following:

Diamond Mining With Dora, by Pete Lewis, a demented socio-political history of the beach as a symbol of liberation. From Victorian Britain to Dora's Malibu to Japan's Seagaia with various diversions a long the way.

Foulweather On The Beach, by Pete Lewis an ugly memoir as told from various filthy beaches around the world.

Beach 90th by Justin Hocking, an autobiographical account of learning to surf in New York and Oregon while battling personal demons, seeking enlightenment and trying to make sense of the turn of the century.

They Turned Their Backs To The Sea by Ricardo Salcedo , an account of culture clash in Jamaica and disillusionment with the peace corps. Body surfing, voodoo and dope smoking, a plenty.

Second Homes by Dave Fitzpatrick and incredibly personal account of how the beach featured in near destruction and renewal of this talented writer's marriage.

Activate an eco rant by Stiv J Wilson

Plus art and photography by Dennis Dread, Jeff Petersen, Frank 'Patch' Cubillos, Alison Lewis and Rick Albano.

More details to follow.