26 May 2008

Foulweather #3: The Urban Wilderness

NYC by Pete

I'm actively seeking submissions for Foulweather #3 and have already had a few people contact me about somepotentially interesting contributions. At the moment, I'm thinking, the end of August for a submission deadline, with the goal to get it printed in early 2009. I know that seems slow but last time was too much of a last minute rush.

The theme is going to be The Urban Wilderness but I'm pretty flexible with what people want to write about. I'm going to focus on 'reinterpretations of the urban environment,' The main thesis of FW #3 is going to be, that the more we are isolated from nature, the more people are seeking adventure within the urban realm and that there is a innate human desire/ need to get wild (or in touch with our primeval selves) even if we are trapped inside the concrete maze. I hope that doesn't sound too pretentious but that is sort of what I'm aiming for.

I'm looking for stories, photos and art that concern anything and everything from the politics of public space (including urban theory, architecture), to graffiti and public art, to skateboarding and cycling to urban exploration, parkour, Situationism ('drifting' and 'detournemount') and so on...