19 May 2008

Random cell phone photo update

You can shop here but please don't have any fun here. Lincoln City Outlet Mall is stinkier than my armpit (which is currently festering at the moment with some bizarre puss-ridden rash) .

Foulweather issue #2 on the Zine shelf in Powell's. Check it out! Still selling steady and the feedback has been encouraging. Big Fucking Deal, indeed.

Aaaaah, after a week long migraine, I snuck off to the coast last night. First I stopped at the new Cannon Beach skatepark. After being mostly bed-ridden and in a daze for a week, I probably should not have attempted to skate. Tight trannies + brand spanking new concrete + one decrepit old skateboarder with a current lack of balance = plenty of head first dives to the flat bottom. After one particular slam that resulted in a lovely 'swellbow,' I was over it. Looking at my elbow, it looked as though, someone surgically inserted a ping pong ball under my skin. I hoped the cold Pacific would ease the swelling a bit. But no, the water had to be warm, didn't it?

Anyway, best surf session in a long time. Fast hollow lefts, mostly to myself. Tried to pull in backside a few times, which never seems as consequential when the water warms up. Crazy angled take offs aided by my quad fin that lets me get away with such malarkey. Beer on the beach and back home to the family, who are starting to suggest I ease up falling off my skateboard...

So yeah, apart from a migraine that had me wishing for death and that was only curable with a combination of acupuncture, cranial manipulation, massages and mad doses of chinese herbs, a puss-ridden arm pit rash and a giant swellbow, things are just dandy.