08 June 2008

Why it is worth it...

I think it is natural to question why one bothers writing. Who cares about what I have to say? Do I even have a worthwhile story to tell? I am just being self-indulgent? Is it all a bit self-important? I just got this email today, that eased some of this doubt and has motivated me to continue work on, Confessions Of A Guilty Expat. Many thanks F, and I'll be in touch to hear more about what you've been through.

hi pete,

i somehow stumbled upon your guilty expat piece on foulweather, and
really enjoyed reading it. im sure you dont know me, but i remember
you from st. chris and the skate shack. i was a good 4 years below you
i think, but you were known for you skating skills, haha

your piece really brought back some memories... hitch-hiking to town
every thursday morning, and the occasional saudi paedo who offered a
ride, haha. though my experience was slightly different as i was the
confused paki kid trying to fit in to the group of white kids, hah
(every group had at least one in st chris!)

but like you, i went through a similar political awakening about being
an expat in bahrain (in part due to the VoB website). i started some
pseudo-journalism on a blog about human rights in the country a few
years ago, then got involved in some rights activism there, and have
now ended up being blacklisted from entering! hah, but i will have to
make my way back soon.

anyways, just felt like dropping you a note. its nice to connect with
other former expats who are thinking along the same lines. btw, do you
still visit bahrain?

best, F