15 February 2009

Update from hell

Half dead, the result of some horrendous flu that refuses to leave my shattered vessel, I'm surviving on Will Self's 'Psychogeography' illustrated by Ralph Steadman, when Im not hacking up a lung...

Other than that... Foulweather is moving along full -steam ahead, so here's a little update:

Issue #3 is actually going to come out within the next couple of months. Or Issue 2.5 as I'm calling it or perhaps "The Economy Is Fucked issue" or "Not The New Foulweather." This issue is strictly DIY, and will probably entail long hours wrestling a photocopier. However, I am excited about the prospect of the Independent Publisher's Resource Center possibly acquiring a Perfect Binding Machine, whereby people can bind their own books and zines in a fairly professional looking manner. My apologies, to everyone who sent contributions, I might still use them when I put out another issue but for this one, I could really only justify using my own crap.

In other news,
-I've been working on an essay for Phoresia that I was pretty excited to write. If things work out I hope it will offer a viable critique of 'sustainability' in surf culture.

-Clif from Kurangabaa approached me about contributing to their print publication. Kurangabaa is an Australian 'Journal of literature, history, and ideas for surfers' and looks like a pretty stellar publication. I'm always glad to see indie publishers making the effort to publish a tangible hard copy and not 'surrender to the web.' And beyond glad, to have someone take the time to print my nonsense.

-Finally, I have been asked to display Foulweather at a Book Arts Fayre in Cardiff back home in Wales. While I cannot attend, I hope to send some issues over. It is great to see the homeland taking an interest in zines, independent publishers and so on.

As more and more of the mainstream print media collapses, I'm starting to think that DIY publishers will have more and more of an appeal and perhaps be able to fill some of the void. Even as the economy struggles, the New York Times struggles to stay in print and Concussion goes out of print (RIP), small-run, DIY publishers continue to thrive. I don't know about you but I'm not taking a lap-top into the toilet.