16 March 2009

Before the Bad Brains there was...

Photo by Tammy Hackney, taken from the NYT site.


I've been meaning to post this for awhile but forgot about it until I saw the newspaper yesterday. I Can't even remember how the song came my way but here is truly an amazing discovery of a 1974 demo tape of an all black punk (before there really was a'punk') band from Detroit called Death.

Anyway, yesterday's New York Times had a great story about how the tape was found, how the band never really got to see the limelight but how one of its dying members told the others before he passed, "One day the world will come looking for this tape." And it has. Now it has been released as a full album, entitled For The Whole World To See, on Drag City Records.

For now, listen to Politicians In My Eyes. 1974, fuckers. 1974!

This song woke me out of a depressing slumber when I first heard it a couple of months back, that is for sure.