09 March 2009


I've been a musical rut for a long time. I don't keep my ear to the ground, go to gigs or purchase new music. In fact for the last few months all I've been able to listen to is Black Sabbath. Anyway, I came across the debut album by Mi Ami, the other day.

Mi Ami are a three piece, two of which were in Black Eyes. Seeing Black Eyes live was one of the most cathartic live musical experiences I ever had (along with the David S Ware Quartet). I felt Black Eyes provided a crucial soundtrack to the early years of the new century and the post-911/ post-WTO/ invasion of Iraq/ Afghanistan/ disintegration of civil liberties/ Patriot Act/ rule of the religious right and of course, the coming economic collapse.

Mi Ami, pick up where Black Eyes exploded, as a slightly more palatable and funkier soundtrack to the aftermath, a post-Apocalyptic Afro-beat/ dub jam, interspersed with moments of shrieking post-punk angst but always relentlessly rhythmic. In other words, like Black Eyes summed up the beginning of the decade, Mi Ami are capturing the here and now, and that is what I've been looking for. A soundtrack to dance on the ruins to.

Many will hate it but personally I'm tired of easy listening. Check their shit out on their cRaCkSpaCe page or on the Touch and Go website.