06 April 2009

In the gutter

To the person who tried to buy a copy of Foulweather from Reading Frenzy last week, I've just re-stocked them. Thank you for asking for my zine and thanks Reading Frenzy and Chloe for continuing to stock it. I should not need to remind everyone of this but during these economically trying times, please consider supporting locally independent businesses whenever you can. The vitality of our local economies, communities and regional cultures depend on it. Keep saying no to the juggernaut that is global mono-culture no matter how tempting the deals may be. ie Fuck Borders and Amazon.

The above photo has nothing to do with this post. I just like looking at Jeff in the gutter. This was the result of old men rollerboarding in the gritty streets of Southeast Portland yesterday and it is a pretty good summation of my weekend.