12 April 2009

Verbal Diarrhea

photo by Pete, Margam Park, South Wales

I think I’m loosing any meager command I once had of language. I was sitting in a heated meeting the other day and was desperate to make my point. When it came my turn to force my way into the discussion, nothing but a stream of runny shit dribbled out of my trembling mouth. I tried to scoop the mess back into my mouth to swallow it discretely but it just kept pouring out, dribbling down my neck, onto my lap and pooling at my feet. So I shut up and stared down at the putrid brown pool between my legs, while everyone giggled my way.

Did you ever read the Burroughs story about the man who taught his asshole to talk? Well I think I inadvertently taught my mouth to shit… as well as this keyboard.

Language is an overrated form of communication anyway.