26 September 2009

Spent It All

I watched an interview with Morrisey the other day and he said something to the effect of, when he is on stage it isn’t an act and he isn’t performing, he really means it. Now, I like Morissey but I was just not convinced.

You know when you are on the receiving end of a genuine performance. It can be one of the most meaningful exchanges between humans. No one has convinced me they mean, quiet like this band. I've only seen them once, the second and last time they played in Wales, but I was converted that night, though this band has inspired the shit out of me since I blindly purchased Repeater in the early 90s. Some people who know me might be tired of my obsession… oh well… there’d be no Foulweather without them… not that that’s saying much…

Now, go and rent Instrument from your local indie video store (or Netflicks if you are lame) and get a sense of why four white guys hammering away on guitars mean so much to some people of my generation.