06 September 2009

A haze of preoccupation

It is absolutely astounding how blind, deaf and dumb we all are. Living in a confusing haze, blinded to the beauty of real life before us by a hasty paces, tunnel visions, narrow mindsets, attachments, agendas and unrealistic desires.

Click to read about The Violinist. And make sure to pick up the next issue of The ANP Quarterly.

Funnily enough on my way back from lunch, just before I read the post in the link, I walked past a busking violnist. While waiting for my burrito, I pulled out a $ bill to give to her but for whatever reason, decided I should just keep walking back to work and put the $ back in my pocket as she played on to all of us and none of us. In a haze of pre-occupation to get somewhere, we're often skipping right past the destination. Missing the stop, so to speak.