11 September 2009

On this day in 2001...

...I was blissfully unaware of world events.
Even if I was aware, what could I have done except do what I have always done?

Hiding from reality in a Zihuatanejo shorebreak.

Without such ease of communication and travel, we'd all be more concerned with our own back gardens and perhaps there would be less of a clash between such radically diametrical approaches to life. Perhaps, it wouldn't have happened. I certainly would not have found myself in this Mexican wave if that was the case. But I'd gladly trade it all, if I was born into an existence where everything I needed was in walking distance of my abode and I knew nothing of a thousand miles beyond the horizon, save my imagination, and I had a direct say over how my immediate and physical community was organized.

I'm sure we'd all have more control over our own destinies if we could put the toothpaste back in the tube. A pointless musing, I know. But as global interconnectedness stands, most of us can only cope by attempting to hide ourselves in the tube and stuffing our heads deep in the sand.