19 October 2009

Episodic Conflict III: Undercover cop

20th March 2003






Shut ‘em down

Rolling bridge blockades

On to Broadway

Things are kicking off

I’m elated

I’m convinced we’re in some way about to change the course of history

More anarcho-adventurism

From Morrison to Broadway

Getting word that things are getting ugly

The cops have had enough of this silly game and are trying to crack skulls

But people are fighting back


I check in with a masked warrior as he unlocks his bike

“Broadway!” We cheer.

Then huffing and puffing, an overweight gentleman approaches us.

“Hey, you two get out of the street!” he demands.

“Why?” I ask

“Just get out of the street! Now!” I observe his face redden

“Who the fuck are you?” I demand but don’t wait for the answer, hop on my bike and start riding.

“Stop! Police officer. Stop right now! Get! Out! Of! The! Street!” He insists.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me!” I laugh and pedal off into the night




He huffs

He puffs

I’ve stopped for authority in the past

And ended up in a cell for hours on end

Ended up before a judge

Ended up with fines to pay

Ended up being slapped in the face

But I’m never stopping again, I remember thinking

Not if I can get away

Never ever stop, if you can get away


I did

Of course, that night changed fuck-all

And neither America or Iraq got away.