29 October 2009

Episodic Conflict IV: Universal themes

these giant fists

these giant fucking fists

fists that belonged to a pair of hands, i’d paid close attention to for many years

often fearing

i’d never felt them

these fists

these giant fucking fists

seemed a lot less ferocious now

that one was grasped around my collar

the other threatening to pound my face to oblivion, for the first time

high in the cold november sky

a comet

will it hit?

who knows?

does it matter?

what could i do anyway?

cosmic forces






perhaps, it didn’t mean much anymore

i had no reason to run

hit me, if you will

no, it meant everything

let’s make some contact

wild eyes

snarling and frothing lips

verbal vulgarities bouncing off the neighbour’s walls

what will they say

what will you say about this, you wankers?

yeah, you behind the curtain, you

what will you say about this?! !youyouyoufuckingwanker?!

it was getting colder

the clouds were parting


you’re going to hit me?

this is how you repay your mother?


these fist

these huge fucking fists

i’d seen knock other men out

often covered in dirt, oil, blood and sweat

never tears

touching the wrong woman

pushing away the wrong child

the strongest fingers

that manipulated machinery i didn’t understand

out-dated technology

was i a man now?

after all she has done for you?

You’ve lost it, you’re drunk

You’re worthless

You’re a cunt, get your fucking hands off me!

i looked him in the eye

wrestled free

and pushed away

those huge fists

then looked west

walked for a long time

full orbit

and when i came back

he looked


in the eye