26 November 2009

Hardcore Catharsis

In the final analysis, truth always emerges from a state of total madness. -Craig Stecyk III "Fear of Flying" Skateboarder Mag, 1975

When I read this Stecyk quote it not only helped me reconcile the apparent 'meaningless' of surfing and skateboarding but it also helped me see the value in certain 'chaotic' art.

Recently, I've been listening to Void a lot. I finally downloaded the Void side of the Faith/Void Dischord split. Frankly speaking, I had been pretty bored of hardcore until this record made my hair stand on end. Then I understood it is because they really were walking the fine line between madness and sanity. Chaos and order. Structure and freedom. And when you walk these lines, you create little gaps for the human spirit to creep out of the confines of its confused shell to get a taste of a stunning reality. I'm glad I waited until this moment in time, to digest this record.