17 December 2009

Hardcore Catharsis II: Fucked Up

Manhattan Henge photo by Neil DeGrasse Tyson

The economy is bankrupt. The environment will one day be bankrupt. The human spirit is bankrupt. Politics are too bankrupt to bail us out. Art is too bankrupt to bail us out. Religion is too bankrupt to bail us out. But all is not lost. For, when your political, religious and artistic vision become one, perhaps you get a glimpse of hope. This is definitely evident at times on "The Chemistry of Common Life" by Fucked Up.

Purists will argue that Fucked Up sold out long ago, but no one has sold out quite so gracefully. Existential angst at its finest.
Pink Eyes just might be the thinking man's GG...

Pic from NME

God, I can't wait for 2012, at this rate...