06 January 2010

Finds: Cymru To Amerika

Looking through an old shoe box, I came across some interesting artifacts from the last decade, including the following:
- 2 teeth
- 1 letter notifying me of my release from Selective Service (hey, I declined to sign up in the first place, despite my lawyer's advice."There won't be a war" She said...)
- 1 Bad Brains tape
- 1 Massive Attack tape
- 1 Minor Threat tape
- 1 recording of 'The Waste Land' by TS Elliot
- 1 tube of Shoe Goo
- 1 press badge for Street Roots newspaper
- 2 immigration photos
- 1 food handler's card
- 1 People's Co Op Membership card
- 1 Industrial Workers of the World membership card
- 1 wife's high school ID
- 3 journals full of barely legible ramblings and awful poetry, which included, the following quote...

So I was standing in line at the American Embassy in London. "Do you swear to tell the whole truth?" at which point I began to zone out. I'd been waiting a long time.

More terrible journal entries to follow...