24 August 2010

Annual Purge and Cleanse down the Oregon coast.

I have an expensive camera. I have two lenses. I even have a dictaphone. I have lots of tattered and battered notebooks. I have a pen. I have all this as I once had dillusions of becomming some form of journo. When I hit the road I usually stuff all this into my duffle bag with a spare pair of underwear, some 60mm skateboard wheels and some surf wax. I tell myself, I must take more photos and more notes when I'm out and about. It will be material for future projects, I reason. It will be documentation of the things I've seen and done.

But in reality, I know it has been a successful trip when:
The underwear remains unchanged
The camera's memory card is still full
The notebooks are empty
And no one needs to know
That was then
This is now
Nevermind  tomorrow
All you've got