06 October 2010

See that little girl over there?
She’s going to die
I know
See that man over there? He’s going to die also.
See that woman, do you think she knows she’s going to die?
What about that man over there, how far along do you think he is? Halfway?
Who can say?
Indeed. What about that fucker over there?
Already dead
Ha ha. The two of them laugh gently.
Do you like this game?
Very much

Take a breath, let this one count, breathe it in, feel the cool Autumn air.
Bite your decaying teeth. Let the air blow through the cavities as it finds its way down your throat and into your lungs

Do you feel the clarity?
She graced us with it
I think you are right about that
She left behind two young children and a husband
I know
Is it wrong that we feel the clarity?
I don’t know
It is good though isn’t it?

I argued with myself last night
Yes. I said, "You looked like a fucking idiot."
Did you wonder what they thought of you?
Of course, that was the worst of it. I wrestled my pillow until


Until what?
Until, until, until I... a... it really doesn’t matter

What now?
Now what?
Good point

I stood half way up a cliff the other day
Go on
Well, I saw an eagle circling upwards from the beach below, round and round working the thermals, not moving a muscle
Nothing. I’ve got nothing else to add
That’s fine.

See that woman over there?
She is going to die
I know
How long do you think she’s got?
Let’s say one day for the hell of it…