11 December 2010


What are you supposed to do when you are unable to break out of the standard, middle-class American life cycle that you never really wanted but don’t have the energy to subvert?

I love finding an apt soundtrack. One of those fucking days. Pissing rain. No motivation to drive to the beach or try to find something to skate. Brain too addled to try to read or write another contrite poem. I take my surfboards out of their bags in the basement. Which one will I need in bro-cal next week? Shit... who cares... Get mad at the London police... Construct an internal argument justifying the Student's rampage... Charles and Camilla, I'm so far away.... I drive a luxury wagon and pay taxes... Clean the kid's room. Put up some shelves, all crooked... Bollox... Too early for a beer? Another cup of tea... I thought I was more grounded than this. Wash the dishes. Too early for a beer? Too late... Too early for a second beer? Looking for waves on the internerds, I find the perfect soundtrack for afternoons like this.

"I know things are going on tonight but I don't bother."