31 January 2011

Go Egypt, Go!

AP Photo

Most of us believe we need the police to keep the populous in line. Not ourselves, of course but others... Anyway, these Egyptians are policing themselves. Protecting looted goods from roaming gangs. You don't need a government to organize yourselves and take care of each other. Moments, like what's happening in Egypt right now, show us the potential... I just hope something positive fills the power vacuum. Worst case scenario, fundamentalist Islam will rear its ugly head. Best case scenario, there will be some genuine Democratic reform. Yet, the greatest value is what is being learned in the streets, what social experiments are being conducted as the people organize themselves, what possibilities are being imagined for a genuine and lasting dismantling of power.  These events, like in Paris '68 or Argentina in the Early 2000s, provide tiny glimpses of total liberation. Egypt will inevitably, only be a  short-lived glimpse of the possibilities but it will surely be another building block for a further-reaching and lasting to challenge to the way we as humans are allowing ourselves to be penned in.