22 February 2011

US Double Standards Exposed in Bahrain While People On The Street Find A Common Standard

Photo found via Seek/ Find Blog

In case there there are still any doubts about the US Govt being bedfellows with totalitarian regimes at the expense of human rights and calls for democratic representation. Michael Slackman of the New York Times, lays it all out for us. You want democracy? It was never going to be pretty but let's leave behind the double-standards once and for all...

If those of us in the 'Democratic West' still have any faith in our elected leaders, perhaps it is time we demanded a higher standard of integrity from them... on second thoughts that's never worked in the past. No, perhaps it is time we follow the example of our friends in Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, Iran, Jordan, Yemen... Anyone know of a big roundabout in Wisconsin?