22 April 2011

A perspective

The following is a message from a friend in Bahrain. I'm hearing all sorts of things from all sides of the conflict. It's impossible to tell what's really going on but I thought these words were worth sharing... Please note this is unedited and as I received it. Here is a recent BBC report to put my friend's words in context. And here is a fascinating interview with Nabeel Rajab, perhaps the last Human Rights activist who still has a voice in Bahrain.


We are stuck in our homes. We cant go out for fear for our lives, the most mundane and trivial routine practices that an average individual carrys out on a regularity has become a life threatening practice on account of the mercenaries, thugs and Saudi forces. Peter what is goin on here is nothing short of genocide in the making or rather systematic genocide. Our women are being targeted and our girls in the government schools are being beaten up by these thugs and then arrested. In all honesty what on earth can justify thes type of practice. Another thing that has become common place is the systematic destruction of our mosques and Hossaynia's. You understand that these are purely religious places of worship. Some of which are of historic importance. These places are being demolished. They are doin their damn best to make it seem as though there is a degree of violence carried out by the people. But as god is my witness that aint so. We are terrified, the state of terror is upon us yet again this time though its become more ruthless, now that the mask of sectarian wahabi hatred is all but unleashed with the blessing of the Saudies. Heaven hlp us through this ordeal, we're caught in the middle of this hinterland and to Im hoping for some bright light in all this darkness but it aint forth coming m8.