15 May 2011

All right, mate. Long time no see?
Aye, all right, it has been awhile…
Last time I saw you, was when you jumped on that train. Where were you going?
Borth, I think.
Did you make it?

I’m necking down endless cups of African coffee
Sitting down, I look at the heels of my shoes and I see they have worn awkwardly
pounded into the pavement for months on end, 

I left my surfboard at the beach a few weeks ago 
once I had realized 
I’d been riding the same wave for months 
I don’t even remember catching it 
Or why I caught it 
Not that I need reasons

I did not mind going nowhere 
I had no objection to hopping on a random train 
and watching the world drift by 
Watching minutes become hours 
hours become days 
days to weeks 
I did

Why’d you run from me?
That wasn’t the plan.
Did it become ‘The plan?’
To be honest, no. I just didn’t know when or where to get off.
And now.
I missed you.
How do you know?
I don’t know. I saw something from the window, amongst the blurs of greens and greys. You know the weather was mostly horrible. Constantly raining. A terribly delayed Spring.
When we rode past the sea, I couldn’t tell were it ended and the sky began. Up in the hills away from the beach, in a field, the greys and greens still blended but something jolted me back to you.

What was it? A tree? A sound? A racing pulse? A memory? 
The divine?
Don’t be silly.

Friendships are strange these days.
I mean it is unnatural being in touch with all these people, day in day out, status updates and so forth.
I know.
Don’t you think friendships should just blossom and die without force? I mean nothing is forever. If you aren’t connected to someone anymore, so what? Maybe you should let it go? Maybe it is supposed to be that way? Don’t you agree?
Mostly, but not in this instance.
Well, don’t jump on any more fucking trains then!
Next time, you could always come with me.

But, there is nothing in Borth.