01 June 2011

Can't hear cause your mouths full of shit

Today, June 1st 2011, the State of Emergency, perhaps better described as Martial Law, was lifted in Bahrain. The Al Khalifa regime wants to return to a 'state of normalcy.' Of course they do. The island's economy and reputation has been shattered since the Feb 14th uprisings and they don't know how to repair it any other way. While, the Formula One race car circuit is foolishly considering re-scheduling its Bahrain event, the reality is, there is no return to normalcy and pro-government supporters are naive to think so. Despite a massive propaganda campaign to slander the anti-government/ pro-democracy/ human rights campaigners,  thankfully I think the Bahraini authorities are failing miserably in their efforts to cover-up their atrocities. Even if Barack Obama thinks "its clear there are Iranian interests involved," there is no justification for the crack-down over the last few months. 

The real question is, how long can Barack Obama and David Cameron pretend to support democracy in one Arab country while actively aiding in its suppression in others? And how long are we supposed  to put up with the stink of this double-standard before we puke?

In solidarity with Nabeel Rajab and with all genuine democratic/ human rights activists in Bahrain and beyond. Some of the world continues to watch.

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