25 August 2011

Aliens listen to Crass and so should you...

Earthquakes, tsunamis, riots, uprisings, collapsing economies, collapsing eco-systems are in abundance but most of us continue to keep our heads in the sand, bowing down to consumer pressures and everything we are forced to do to maintain or improve our lots, plodding on towards the dangling carrot, carrying our heavy loads because we're powerless as individuals to make meaningful change happen anyway, so why bother... and so it goes...

Meanwhile, some people believe aliens or intelligent life forms from different dimensions or the dead or 'someone' out there in the ether has been trying to warn us of the bankruptcy of our way of life, for decades through Crop Circle formations. While I say this tongue firmly in cheek there is some compelling evidence that many of these formations could not have been created by mere mortals with planks of wood, sticks and ropes and allegedly, authentic circles form within seconds. Check out the fascinating documentary Crop Circles: Quest For Truth.

Obviously there have been many hoaxed circles and this circle that appeared near Stonehenge on the Summer Solstice 2011, is likely to be a classic hoax, but either way, it is fascinating. The Crass symbol is an amaglamation of several symbols of authority (Christian Cross, Swastika, Union Jack) combined with two snakes swallowing each other to convey the belief that power will ultimately consume itself. It has never been clearer that top down power structures, whether represented by a Middle East dictatorship or Western Capitlaist economy, can only handle so much power before they become top-heavy, defeat themselves and topple. As the world becomes more interconnected and 'globalized' we have become one big economy and one big culture, ruled by a shrinking elite. Whatsmore, like in eco-systems, the lack of diversity in a mono-culture equates to lack of resilience.

Maybe the aliens are just pissed off that Crass finally sold out by re-mastering their albums. But I don't think so. Hoax or not, there is a unified message amongst all this. New Age spirituality and anti-authoritarian politics have always been potential bed-fellows.

Now, I'm off the purchase the re-mastered version of 'Christ The Album.'

For more on Crass, peace punks and Stonehenge, Penny Rimbaud's essay The Last Of The Hippies is a must read.

"It is our world, it is ours and it has been stolen from us. We set out to demand it back, only this time round they didn't call us 'hippies', they called us 'punks'."