11 October 2011

Before I moved to this country I was occasionally criticized for having an unhealthy obsession with America. I always made it clear that it wasn't Disneyland, Levi's, MacDonald's, Ronald Regan or Elvis that fascinated me. I think, in some ways, if there is every going to be any meaningful challenge to an increasingly centralized global economy and rigid social hierarchy, it has to come from this land of inherent contradiction. Take another look at the history books and re-consider how the likes of Emma Goldman are just as much a part of American history as the shit we love to hate. In the current social climate it is certainly worth looking at the lessons learned, examples set and ideas put forward by the 'other America.'

The average mind is slow in grasping a truth, but when the most thoroughly organized, centralized institution, maintained at an excessive national expense, has proven a complete social failure, the dullest must begin to question its right to exist. The time is past when we can be content with our social fabric merely because it is "ordained by divine right," or by the majesty of the law. - Emma Goldman