29 January 2012

2012: The Slash And Grind As Prayer.

Photo by CR Stecyk

My acupuncturist has told me several times that perhaps, I don't necessarily need to do yoga or meditate because I surf and skate.

Skateboarding came out of surfing in the beginning. The fact that it evolved out of a Stone Age pursuit makes skateboarding a more interesting activity than baseball. If you look at something that goes back thousands of years in Polynesia, which surfing obviously does, that was before they had sports, it was a time when they only had activities that were spiritually and significantly important to the culture. Whatever the current manifestation of it is or how much its merchandised or marketed or being bartered about or bastardized, that doesn’t get in the way of something that has that deep a history. Why wouldn’t it return to the spiritual underpinnings? I’m not sure that it won’t or that it hasn’t already.
 -CR Stecyk Juice Magazine #69