31 May 2012

Mostly, skateboards are a disposable tool and not much to get too attached to. Skateboard decks have apparently re-placed furniture as the largest factor in maple deforestation in North America. The wheels are made from toxic polyurethane that is never going anywhere but a landfill. Both of which might last months, weeks or even a few days depending on how much one skates. But the trucks, well the trucks aren't so disposable and a the key piece of equipment most skateboarders will hang onto to the bitter end, especially if you get a good pair. Not all trucks are created equal and I'm no brand whore so I won't mention what I ride, but even with the same brand you can get a sketchy pair of trucks or luck into a pair you'll never want to part with that simply get better with age.

Everyone has their preferences. Mine is the 149. 8.5". What you see above is a hybrid/ bastardization of a popular brand truck made in San Francisco CA, mix-matched hangar and baseplate with upgraded bushings and cracked pivot cups, loosened as loose as I dare go. Everyone wears trucks in differently according to how they ride and the tricks they do. When you've got them dialed in, as you want them, you could step on several boards, blindfolded and know instantly which board is yours.

I'm particularly attached to this pair. Perhaps, 'attached' is an unfortunate term in this context but, after nearly three decades of skateboarding, this is quite simply the best I've ever had. The baseplates came from a shitty pair I bent the hangars on too soon and these new hangars were given to me by my friend and aren't even in production anymore. I've had them for about two years and within the last two years, I've learned more tricks than I have since I was a teen. I even recognize the squeaks and groans they release with each turn.

The aluminium hangars are now worn down to the steel axles. I'm not sure how much longer they'll last. I'm almost tempted to quit the whole game once they're gone and perhaps take up lawn bowling or Tai Chi instead. 

Usually, I tend not to get too attached too material goods, tools or toys. I've got my surfboards and bike tweaked to exactly how I want them but apart from the financial loss and guilt over material resources and pollution of production of replacements, I wouldn't get too choked up if they were robbed from me. But these trucks, I'm not sure... Brand new their worth about $40. I couldn't sell them on Craigslist for $5 at this point but I simply can't put a price on these turning devices, for it was on these set of trucks that I finally learned to change direction and recover balance. 

In saying that, if they've really done their job properly, by the time they inevitably break, I should just be able to let them go.