22 November 2012

Lay The Fuck Back

Photo by Ozzie Ausband from Blue Tile Obsession

The other day while driving deep into the hills to skate an undercover half pipe the topic of Duane Peters' laybacks came up. I can't remember the exact quote but Duane apparently says to do a layback properly you have to push it beyond the point of control and then see if you can bring it back in. I never thought I'd see someone lay it all out quite like Duane. Hosoi's are flawless in syle and Grosso's are worthy but no one is putting it on the line like the Master of Disaster. Until now.

Dane Fucking Reynolds.

Photo ASP/ Cestari from Stab Mag (Check the sequence!)

Sure, Dane and Duane might be executing their laybacks in contests but you can tell they really need these turns. Sprawling yourself on the lip like this is beyond trying to get a good score. This is something else.

Turns like this, fleeting glimpses of who we were/are. Future primitives. Tapping back into the source.

Fuck Black Friday, kickback, layback, get 'some' (as they say)...