09 January 2014

Don't Surrender The Streets

Public space, city centers and the urban realm should be about much more than just consumerism and commerce. Unfortunately, the 'Antisocial Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill,' looks set to suck the remaining life out of what's left of British cities. In other words if you're not making or spending money you shouldn't be there. Buskers, the homeless, Skateboarders, artists, people with a challenging opinion (protesters), young people who just want to muck about and hang out- get lost. If you want a sterile environment where the only 'art' is billboards and where you can safely seek fleeting satisfaction in shopping therapy without being distracted by real-life, open your arms. It could be a nail in the coffin of authentic urban life. Anyway, good old George Monbiot breaks it down nicely: HERE.

The wilderness is important but so is the freedom to be wild for those of us who can't reach it. Forget this is basically a glorified advert and you'll get the picture.