04 May 2014


convex meniscus
delight in pre-overflow
and what of the spill?

a properly poured pint

sweet drought-ridden beans from Ethiopia

a new ancient song on repeat

keys to floodgates

an attic room with a tiny window
in a house we shall occupy one day
over-looking atlantic seas

antiquated technologies
in dusty corners
and books

macho authors
keeping you awake on rainy spring nights
forcing you to take sides
in Spain

changing histories
and talk of food
and talk of drink
and how to love
and how to die

you take to wearing strange hats from countries that no longer exist
to keep the thoughts warm
and your eyes mostly hidden
like blinders

but the sun comes out
and a knock at the door
and a stomach rumble
and a notice of over-draft protection
and a powerful thirst

and a giant truck rumbles
along your quiet street
and the liquid in the glass


but never spills.