13 October 2015

Acid Invader

Another reason skateboarding is still mostly ruling. You have an individual such as The Acid Invader aka Dave Carnie, making this lovely and intricate collage series, The Taal of Taube. Each piece, deviant and subversive with the common theme of the flying rat, the street pigeon, which in turn is one of the endearing mascots of the Antihero skateboard cult. These collages end up on the bottoms of skateboard decks to be briefly enjoyed, as they are temporarily mounted on the walls of finer skate shops everywhere, before they end up, below the feet of young boys (and an increasing number of girls, women and old men). Thereupon, these lovingly cut and pasted works of surrealist art and their accompanying flights of literary fancy will swiftly smudge, quickly collapse and rigorously rub off on curbs, coping, railings, walls, benches and embankments that litter our concrete-coated planet. All the more beautiful in their temporary nature. Destroyable, forgettable, disposable, art. Perfect. My favorite in the series, below, is the John Cardiel model aka "The Circusfixtion." 

Collage by Acid Invader

A circus came to town. Its ring leader was the Carpenter Pigeon, a foolish street performer well known for his dubious miracles and bizarre parables about fat men in red suits, bunny rabbits that lay eggs, and endless stories about ghosts and demons that frightened the children. The local authorities didn’t like the cut of his jib, so they arrested him for hijacking a mythology and circusfixed him to an iron cross in the center ring of his very own 666-Ring Inferno at the top of a mountain. Three days after his death, the Carpenter Pigeon gave himself a resurrection erection, turned into a Zombie, and then was promptly abducted by Aliens who have probed him in his Holy Black Hole at the edge of the Event Horizon for Eternity. Amen. -Acid Invader