24 November 2018

Radical Ideas Not So Radical Anymore

Here is an actual quote from today's BBC website, It is possible to live in complete equality - and it can make for a peaceful community. There's one catch: it involves becoming an anarchist. No government, no state, only the individual and their will to do as they please.

This was in response to the recent killing of an American Christian Missionary who tried to talk about Jesus to a 'uncontacted tribe.'

The ideas in this most recent article are often ridiculed or considered dangerous but in really, they are the natural way of things, human beings living in their 'intended' state, perhaps... 

We have always known what to do and I believe we still do. That is when we dare to dream beyond the Spectacle, the rigid constrains of this artificial socioeconomic arrangement, unnatural forms of domination. We know how to live and live with each other and our land base. 

Its tragic but hopeful.