09 March 2006

Foulweather On The Doorstep

Well they finally arrived. Cheers to Amy at 1984 printing. I tracked the UPS system all morning waiting for the knock at the door. It was pissing rain with howling winds and my porch was soaked. I had to leave before they arrived and was stressed they'd end up drenched but all was OK. I'm pleased with how they turned out. It feels good to have a zine printed professionally for once. I think it will add some cred to the content. Kevin Sampsell, the small press guy at Powell's , already bought ten copies. They should be on the Powell's website within a few days. They are also on consignment at Q is for Choir (SE 26th and Clinton) and Reading Frenzy (SW Oak and 9th) if you live in Portland. I am hoping to meet with Joe from Microcosm soon to see if he wants to distro them also.