08 March 2006

The Mythology Of Borders

As I sit here waiting for FW #1 to be delivered it truly is a foul day. There are blizzard warnings in the mountains and there are 13' swells at 8 second intervals out in the ocean with 45 knot winds from the south. I am dreading my bike ride to work but hopefully my back pack will be loaded up with brand new zines.

The collage above was the back cover to the fourth and final issue of Coming To Amerika and one of the reasons I sold out of that issue. It was done by my good friend Jason 'Pumpkin' Powers. He has lots more but this one entitled 'The Mythology of Borders,' seemed to fit the best. Unfortunately, the piss poor quality reproduced here does not do it justice. Jason's work is somewhat reminiscent of Gee Vaucher, Winston Smith and good old Terry Gilliam. I am posting it to say farewell to an old project and hello to a new one. And because foul weather knows no borders. Tenous I know...