15 January 2007


Amazing how one good wave can make getting up before dawn on a holiday and driving seventy plus miles (ten of which were sheet ice), worth it. Lots of glassy waves in the three to five foot range, up and down the north coast in the early morning today. Surfed solo for most of the time. Good conditions didn't last long though... I'll stop now before this becomes 'yet another surf blog... '

In other news, it was MLK day today. I don't think we have many, if any, national holidays dedicated to historical figures in the UK. Anyway, I was watching the 'I Have A Dream Speech' and really listened, perhaps for the first time, to the content of it today. It was quite depressing to consider how little has really changed since the early 60s and how little King's Dream has been realised.

A couple of weeks ago a fourteen year old African American boy, who I briefly worked with, was shot in the head. He was shot in the mouth and the bullet never exited his skull. When the police found him, blood was gushing from his mouth and he was still alive. He later died in hospital.

So while I was worrying about getting good waves, in a neighbourhood a few miles north of me, kids were worrying about making it through the day alive.

Rip D.L.