16 January 2007

La Plage Dystopique

Feeling like the city is caving in on you? The 9 to 5 rat race making you feel empty? Feeling like you need to get away from it all and experience the rejuvenation of the great outdoors, but you don't want to deal with the inconveniences of nature?

Or perhaps you are troubled by the disappearing wilderness and don't want to be reminded of it on your vacation? Well there is no longer a need to concern yourself with pollution levels in the air or ocean. No need to worry about global warming. Hey there’s no scientific consensus on this ‘concept’ anyway, right? No more need to trouble yourself about oil spills, sand dredging, rising sea levels, species extinction and so on.
Hey, we know you love the smell of sun block but don't concern yourself with 'holes in the ozone layer' or UV hazards anymore. Never fear stepping on a hypodermic needle or having your two-year-old finding a washed up condom on the beach. Most importantly, you never again have to ponder your lack of interaction with nature and the subsequent effect on your well-being because you now have

Seagaia’s Ocean Dome!

For just $50 a day, you can buy a guaranteed perfect day. Perfect weather at a perfect temperature with perfect waves. Clean. Safe. Sanitized. Stress and guilt free fun under a harmless 'sun.'

Why get dirty at the real beach when just a mile or so a way lies paradise? Free time is so precious in this day and age, why risk the unpredictability of the natural world on your day off? There is no need for nature anymore. We've conquered and reproduced it for your pleasure. As the song goes 'Its even better than the real thing.'

Within, the next decade we hope every major city can offer an Ocean Dome to its inhabitants.

Your friends at Foulweather strongly urge you get away from it all and Go to The Beach!

All this perfection starting to agitate you? Well on your way back from Japan be sure to stop over in Dubai for some skiing to cool you down.

"A fundamental consequence of urban growth is the increasing alienation between mankind and the natural world. Natural processes seem no longer relevant to a society dependent on a technological fix... By building cities as we have, we are divorcing ourselves from nature. What contact is there with the seasons in a modern air-conditioned shopping mall with its built-in trees? We have banished nature from most of our townscapes and the resulting environment reflects only too well the assumption that urbanites are fast becoming an egocentric species thriving on human culture alone." David Goode, in Green Cities, as quoted in the Adbusters #68 article on architecture and urban design.